Merry Christmas!

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As years are passing by, time seems to be flying faster and faster. It’s accelerating to such speed that sometimes it becomes difficult to grasp all the changes that happen in our lives, to measure the impact of them, or even count all the moments that made us feel a wide palette of emotions  (which make us feel oh, so alive!). These are sincere happiness or sincere anger; overflowing enthusiasm which fuels the ambitions and helps to overcome the biggest challenges or sometimes-occuring apathy, which seems to take away all the energy; pleasure or disappointments; peace or the sense of chaos dominating our everyday lives. A colorful puzzle which makes no sense unless we find time to think about that.

It’s really challenging to find words which wouldn’t sound cliché talking about Christmas. As much as I wish everyone love, warmth, peace and lots of beautiful moments to finish this year, I also wish for Christmas for everyone to be a shelter. A shelter from never-ending rushing, pressure to accomplish never-ending tasks, from never-ending thinking ‘I should be doing something more productive right now’. I wish that Christmas was the time to appreciate all the things that have already been accomplished, to value the things that are already in our lives, and feel sincerely thankful about it.

And it’s also a great time to get the puzzle right in the place and wish for many beautiful experiences for the next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Llamas’ Valley team!

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