Blooming windows

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Japanese artist Azuma Makoto made Paris Colette boutique bloom by fulfilling its windows with mini jars full of flowers. This pop-up installation contains 10,000 mini jars filled with flower petals and orchids. Petals are carefully divided and combined in different jars by specific order, so that they change colors and shapes little by little. In all of his works the artist tries to make plants even more alive than they actually are. Azuma Makoto has been increasingly attracted by beauty of flowers all his life, so he used Petal Box project to preserve the small lives of flowers inside. “It is one of the most beautiful moments when flowers are in full bloom just before dying. We always face to a lot of moments of flowers as florists, and it came up to our mind to put almost finished blooming flowers into bottles and capture their beauty with the other aspect,” say the Azuma Makoto’s studio team.


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