Turn off the flood

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Growing consumptions of electricity cause floods and combustion gases of the cars can be the reason of a tsunami. These are the ecological problems to which every single one of us contributes. Today in “Llamas Valley” we present a project of Egle Plytnikaite, Lithuanian architect, journalist and illustrator. “Enviromental issues” seeks to show that comfortable lifestyles which human generation leads can result in serious ecological issues in the future.

Egle about her project:

“Too often people measure the price of a comfortable and cozy life according to the bills of municipal taxes received every month, but they don’t take into account the price it costs to the planet. Suffering nature reminds about itself with droughts, floods and tsunamis. My project is a story about thoughtless behavior towards nature and how comfortable reality of today can lead to not so comfortable future.”

More of E. Plytnikaite’s creations can be found here

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