Mirror mirror on the wall

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At the Art Brussels 2016 fair Belgian designer Alain Gilles presented his new project Mirror Mirror, which was based on an analysis and a perception of our society. The designer opened his own design studio in 2007 to pursue his dreams and work on his personal standpoint to product and furniture design, as well as art direction and interior architecture. The Mirror Mirror project was inspired by the idea of modern society’s never-ending analysis and investigation of oneself. From Gilles point of view, people have become clouded by appearances and the image that we reflect back on us using social media channels and new technologies.

ALAIN GILLES PORTRAIT at Home_02_Copywrites_Thomas De Boever (1)

Mirror Mirror is a combination of reflective mirrors . The large one shows the actual reflection of ourselves like we see an actual person in a real life. While the smaller one, however, echoes the first reflection, observes and transforms the image. The second little mirror work like a prism, which transforms an image and puts it through the mill of our society. This social prism is represented by the grid, the matrix, which i the essence itself, the fabric, of society as a whole. But this perception is then swallowed by a gulf, that of the echo of the image which is repeated to infinity and disappears, little by little. Simultaneously, the big and small mirror, reflecting each other, represent a mutual help and support, as they interact together and support each other.

MIRROR MIRROR_11_Render of Limited edition MIRROR MIRROR_13_Render of Limited edition MIRROR MIRROR_09_Picture of Limited edition


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